Soul Care Trellis- Contemplative prayer practices guide.                                                       

The trellis is a monastic metaphor of contemplative prayer practices in caring and nurturing our interior or inner life. 

 The prayer life of Jesus can be viewed in – the BE-ing and DO-ing prayers. Jesus prayed for healing (doing) and withdrew (being) from the crowd.

The “doing” prayers – intercession, petition, thanksgiving, healing are the most common prayers practiced and a great number of Christians are proficient in the “doing ” prayers also called Kataphatic prayers.

The “BE-ing” prayers are of contemplative nature – centering prayer, breathe prayer, silence-These are the least practiced and understood prayer practices also known as apophatic prayers- a prayer just to be still, and be in the presence of God. Apophatic prayers are prayers beyond words, feelings, imagination, images. These prayers are practiced mostly by monks, hermits, mystics and contemplatives and we are grateful that we are discovering these soul care practices gifts for our busy, non-stop, smart world and virtual community we live in today.

Why apophatic prayer?

T.S Elliot gives an insight in his poem Choruses from the Rock. 

“Endless invention, endless experiment

brings knowledge of motion, but not of stillness;

knowledge of speech, but not of silence;

knowledge of words, and ignorance of the Word

Where is the Life we have lost in living?

Where is the wisdom we have lost in knowledge?

Where is the knowledge we have lost in information?”


Stillness and silence are one of the ways our instant,and smart-tech world cannot compete in giving us the space and time we long for just to be in the presence of God. The smart-tech world can help us find God but may not be the best companion in finding rest in God and in taking us to the very grounds and depths of our spiritual life- the ground of Jesus.

Silence and solitude are companions of the contemplative life that processes informations gathered and knowledge obtained into wisdom and understanding of our true self, our community and our God. A contemplative life brings comfort where our own understanding and wisdom fails. Our soul explores what is beyond what we know, see, touch and feel, these clouds of unknowing will give us glimpses of the Indwelling Christ in us and of our True Self. These gifts of God opened by the Desert Fathers, mystics and contemplatives are gifts we desperately need in such a time as this.


Soul Care Trellis  offers : 

Spiritual Life Mentoring-

    • Spiritual Direction-  (In-person, Skype, Google Hang-out, phone call)
    • Retreat program planning- daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, yearly
    • Prayer practices coaching -prayer of examen, lectio divina, centering prayer, breath prayer.


Group Retreat:

    • Guided contemplative prayer retreat for 2- 30 persons (children, youth , youth workers or church group) ranging from one day to a week long retreat.                
    • Choose a retreat center or we can recommend a retreat center, camp ground, your church, home or backpacking in the wilderness. 


Experiential prayer space-  We curate or consult to help you create a contemplative multi-sensory, experiential prayer space for you at your home or at your church.



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Archie Honrado, is a missionary, retreat guide, spiritual director, teacher, speaker and writer and a member of Youth With A Mission International since 1984.

Archie Honrado has served with Youth Specialties, Urban Youth Workers Institute, DeVos Urban Leadership Initiative, Youth For Christ SoCal, American Baptist Churches of Los Angeles, DC/LA, Wild Goose Festival and has guided retreat for youth groups.

email: archiehonrado@gmail.com